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I'm a roleplayer, shipper, dreamer, crazy person who lives somewhere over the magic brick road in Idaho. I have an obsession with all things Kaya Scodelario, Harry Potter, Glee, One Tree Hill, Melissa Benoist, Eddie Redmayne, Starikd, and the list goes on.

Ian Somerhalder interview at Lost 10th Anniversary Reunion Panel (March 16)

Thomas knew he had no choice. He moved. Forward. He squeezed past the connecting rods at the last second and stepped into the Maze.

The walls slammed shut behind him, the echo of its boom bouncing off the ivy-covered stone like mad laughter.

best cast photos.

"Songs are emotions, expressed in a such a way only the soul can understand."


get to know me meme[1/5] families → Lorelai and Rory Gilmore

You’re happy… Did you do something slutty?

the ‘avengers franchise’ cast sort of…
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